Consultancy services

Ongoing operations are challenging and can pose new and often complex problems. Our roster of on-call consulting specialists can help take the stress and headaches away. Our work ranges from resolving small, one-off challenges or to managing complex consulting projects –involving any part of your operation.

We have a strong Network cross-disciplines, which allows us to move swiftly and provide efficient, competent consulting services in the following broad areas:

Unique Selling Proposition consulting

Tailor-made market intelligence, best practice expansion strategies and complete set-up.

Project Management (PMO)

Whether as part of business expansion or just streamlining the day-to-day operations, we offer Support in operational change management, IT tools implementation and platform Special Projects consulting.

Software Development

With our partners, we can provide you with any custom solution to suit your business need from Business Intelligence (BI), System integration to own developed solutions. We create web-based solutions for internal and external networks.

Web Design

Not all out of the box solutions are always the best for you; therefore, using different technologies we create with you and for you the design which fits your needs.